Mir Hamid Mahmoodi

Admin & Finance Assistant
Administration. Accounting. Finance

My generation does no longer need to fight; our pen has already won.

Hamid Mahmoodi is a talented finance and administration apprentice who also attends his higher education. He has a diploma in financial management and accounting from the National Institute of Management and Administration (NIMA) while he is continuing to attain his Bachelor of Business Administration at a private university in Kabul. His goal is to specialize in three key aspects of finance that are financial planning and reporting, financial audit, and financial management. Hamid brings commitment, loyalty, and eagerness to learn new sets of skills and expertise as part of his mandate at PHC. He has three years of relevant experience in finance, human resources management, administration, and logistics management. His supervisors usually quote: “Hamid would be a potential asset to any organization he would have a legged in. He is committed to his responsibilities, contributes his best level of knowledge, and supports all others to produce quality and on-time results.” He’s born in Quetta, Pakistan in 1998, and was raised in Kabul where he calls it “Watan".