Yasmin Alokozay

Business Development Director
Business Development, Technical Writing, Capacity Building, Women's Economic Empowerment
Afghanistan. India.

I seek to contribute to the development of Afghanistan by supporting economic development interventions aimed at improving the lives of the Afghan people.

A development practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the unique socio-economic context of Afghanistan, Ms. Alokozay has designed and implemented projects focused on multiple areas such as private sector development, workforce development and job creation, elimination of violence against women, institutional reform and restructuring as well as the promotion of trade and commerce. She has extensive experience in women's economic empowerment and enhancement of business opportunities for marginalized Afghan women through targeted business development support programs. Currently, she is the Business Development Director at PHC where she engages with international organizations to support design and implementation of impactful projects in the country. Prior to PHC, she has worked in senior roles in key government entities such as the Administrative Office of the President and Ministry of Industries and Commerce. She has a Masters's degree in Political Science and has a great interest in supporting the development of a robust private sector in Afghanistan.